About us

IKEA Centres is IKEA Group’s global shopping centre company. We develop and manage retail destinations for the many people, anchored by IKEA stores.

We offer great opportunities to develop meeting places of the future, strengthen relations with tenants and spread retail ideas across borders.


Present in China, Europe – including Nordic countries – and Russia, IKEA Centres operates in 43 locations in 15 countries and approximately +460 million visitors annually.


Our shopping centres will continue to operate under the different brands, such as MEGA in Russia, LIVAT in China or the existing brands in Europe.


IKEA Centres is part of IKEA Group. IKEA has more than 40 years’ experience in creating successful shopping centres.


Our aim to be closer, more accessible and relevant for the many people and communities, has led us on a journey to create meeting places for a better everyday life.


Places with a powerful retailing attraction, but that go far beyond shopping. Places where people can connect, socialise, get inspired, experience new things, shop, eat and naturally feel attracted to spend time. Places that create meaning, add value and build social connections together with our tenants, partners and local communities.


Today we host and serve more than 460 million visitors each year, a number that will grow to more than one billion in the coming five-to-seven years. Our customers grow as we grow, both in quantity and quality, as we continue to grow from 43 locations in 15 countries today to more than 70 locations by 2025, and as we constantly strive to improve our services and the customer experience.


Our tenants and other partners also grow and evolve with us as we continue our journey together with 1,600 brands operating 7,000 shops.


The IKEA Vision “to create a better everyday life for the many people” will always guide us. It is our people who bring this extraordinary vision closer to reality every day.